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John Goldsack (1882-1955)



Here's some family photos.

My Favourite! Taken on the street in Vancouver in 1945. Les, Bill and John

Robert Goldsack (1927-2000)

John Goldsack. Taken in Saskatchewan when he was about 15 years old.

My Dad again. About 1945.

John Goldsack (1882-1955) Taken in Langley shortly before his death.

Dorothy Ireland and Marjorie Tasker. The children of Sarah Goldsack (1884-1944) and Ernest Peacock. Taken in Toronto in the early 1940s.

William Charles Goldsack (1924-1970)

Sylvia June and Leslie Richard Goldsack
Russ Ireland and his son Roy Alan. Russ married Dorothy Peacock. Russ Ireland in Naples, 1944
Lisa Goldsack and Dennis Lo (August 10, 2002)