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JOHN GOLDSACK (1882-1955)

This is who started it all. My grandfather. He was born at 2, Snargate Street, Dover on July 10, 1882 and attended Dover National School. When his mother died in March of 1891 he went to live with his grandparents, Isaac and Sarah Goldsack at nearby St.Margaret's at Cliffe. In 1901 he was living at 24 Tower Street, Dover in the home of his father and stepmother, along with his youngest sister, Florence. He was employed as a Navvy (a labourer engaged in excavation). This is where I lose him. He next turns up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on 27 November 1916 where he enlists in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He served in France with the 78th Winnipeg Grenadiers, attached to the 221st Infantry Battalion. After the War, while still stationed in Dover he married a widow, Ada Tetzloff (nee Mundy). Together the couple, with Ada's daughter, travelled back to Canada and settled in Transcona, Manitoba where John began working for the Canadian National Railroad as a Blacksmith's Helper. My Father and his siblings were born in Transcona.

My name is Larry Goldsack and when my father passed away in 1981 most of the Goldsack history, as he knew it, followed him to the grave. Armed only with my grandfather's death certificate and his 1919 marriage certificate I set out to try and discover where my ancestral roots lay buried.

From the mid 1500s to the Present - Colsonsacke to Colonsacke to Gouldsacke to Goldsack (and everything in between).

The exact origin of the Goldsack Family is still unknown, but, the Line that comes out of East Kent is beginning to shape up as the Family Tree is really branching out.

Through the hard work of many Goldsack Researchers I have gathered thousands of pieces of Goldsack and related data. I would like to share this information with all who are interested.
As the info is double checked for accuracy it will be added the Goldsack Site http://www3.telus.net/goldsack/

Check there often as new info is constantly being added.

More Than Just Trees!

In addition to names, births, marriages and deaths, we are trying to add as much census information as is possible. In this way we can see how the Goldsacks interacted with their neighbours, where they lived and worked and how they were associated with the history of their communities.

We would love to hear from more Goldsacks (no mater how distantly related).

If you have a Goldsack in your Family History we would love to hear from you. Your information is important and needs to be included. Please check in at the Goldsack Site and look to see where you fit in. Not sure? Please send me a message and we will do our best to find out how you fit.

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