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(1) Petter Goldsacke/ Gouldsacke (1679-1724) married Sarah Arthur (1675-1729).

Sarah was born in Nonington to John and Mary Arthur. John was buried 20 June 1690 at Nonington and Mary was buried there on 27 Oct 1715. They had seven children, all baptised at Nonington (the first four on 13 September 1666):

(2) Mary Arthur (c.1654)

(2) John Arthur (c. 1661)

(2) George Arthur (c. 1664)

(2) Robert Arthur (c. 1666)

(2) Elizabeth Arthur (bap.10 Sept 1672)

(2) Edward Arthur (bap. 10 Sept 1672)

(2) Sarah Arthur (Bap. 28 June 1675)

According to the Bishop's Transcripts Petter Gouldsacke married Sarah Arthur at Saltwood on 16 January 1699. The entry reads: " Peter Goldset of Saltwood (Batchelor) married after Banns Sarah Arthur of Hythe at Saltwood". The entry was found after seeing the following Quarterly Session records for 1699-1700:

FILE - Sessions Papers - ref. Q/SB/26 - date: 1699-1700

item: Order for William Honeyman, gaoler for the Eastern Division to bring into court at Epiphany Quarter Sessions for East Kent Peter Goldsack to give evidence in a settlement case - ref. Q/SB/26/98 - date: 14 January 1700/01
item: Incomplete document concerning the appeal of New Romney against a removal order of Sarah, the wife of Peter Goldsack, from Saltwood to New Romney - ref. Q/SB/26/109 - date: 14 January 1700/01

The above Peter Goldsack was one of the HOME CIRCUIT prisoners reprieved to be transported to Barbados or Jamaica on July 11, 1702. He is listed as "Peter Goldsacke of Cheriton".

For whatever reason, Petter was in trouble and was separated from his wife. They were reunited in July 1702 and the couple moved to Ringwould, however their first three children were baptised at Nonington (with a notation that the family was from Ringwould). The last two were baptised where they lived, at Ringwould. This could be related to to the fact that Sarah's family lived in the area. Her brothers and widowed mother still lived there until Mary's death in 1715. Here are Petter and Sarah's children (first one baptised a year after Petter's return):

(2) Peter (bap. 25 July 1703 - 1774)

(2) John (bap. 21 Oct 1705-buried 10 July 1734) m.( 14 May 1733, Buckland) Sarah Redman (d.1734)

(2) George (bap. 17 Oct 1708) m.(2 Oct 1740, Kensington) Ann Austin. *George was a member of the Ashford Congregation of Baptists.

(2) Elizabeth (baptised 12 Sept 1712- buried at Ringwould on 6 Feb 1714) * Interesting to note that Petter Gouldsacke's sister, Elizabeth, was married 22 April 1712. Was his daughter named in honour of his sister?

(2) Sarah (bap. 5 Feb 1715) m.(13 July 1738, Canterbury, St. Martin's) Abraham Sturges. Both from Ash.

Petter died in 1724 and was buried at Ringwould on the 22nd of May. Sarah shortly thereafter moved to Dover to be with her family. The Arthur family had been in Nonington until Mary's death in 1715. After that they went to live and work in the Dover area. It is possible that Sarah went to live with her brother, Edward. Sarah was buried at Dover (St. James) 15 Feb 1729.



(5) John Goldsack (24 May 1681-1711) was born in Dover, St. James parish. He married Joanna Vile (b.26 Dec 1679) at Dover on 28 July 1703. Joanna was the daughter of Edward Vile (1646-27 Sep 1733, Dover) and Thomasin Dove (d. 13 Mar 1726, Dover) they were married 24 July 1677 at Dover. These were their children (all births and deaths at Dover, St. James):

Edward Vile (1678-1732)

Joanna Vile (26 Dec 1679-buried 23 Dec 1744, Dover)

Mary Vile (16 May 1683-16 Jan 1715)

Thomas Vile (18 Oct 1685-1705)

John Vile (15 Jul 1688)

George Vile (5 Oct 1690-1692)

Henry Vile (12 Mar 1693-1715)

Thomasin Vile (11 Aug 1695-12 Apr 1712)

John died 9 Feb 1711 and was buried at Dover, St. James. Joanna remarried to William Collins (1650-1729, son of William and Rebecca of Dover)on 11 Aug 1717 at Hougham.

Here are the children of John and Joanna (all baptised at Dover, St. James:

(6) Thomasin (20 Aug 1704- 17 Sept 1749) m. (11 Oct 1728) Isaac Castle

(7) Joanna Castle (1730, Hawkridge)

(7) Thomasin Castle (1736, River)

(6) Elizabeth (bapt 13 Jan 1705-buried 17 Jan 1705)

(6) Peter (bapt 15 Jan 1707)

(6) John (b. 1710, bp. 3 Aug 1712-24 Feb 1716)

Here are the children of Joanna and William Collins:

(6) Elizabeth Collins (8 May 1720, Dover)

(6) William Collins (3 Feb 1722-6 Sept 1727, Dover)